Chinese Medicine

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TCM is the oldest medicine of record and has been successfully used since before 1,000 BC.  Their understanding is that our internal organs have certain physiological, mental and spiritual responsibilities and must work together, in harmony, for health.  Should one organ become deficient or over-act, it can affect several other organs.  So although you may be seeking help for one symptom, your seemingly unrelated symptoms are part of a greater whole.  Treating at this deeper level can bring about cure, as opposed to superficial symptomatic treatment.

Dr. Tim will conduct a thorough intake; including examining your tongue and pulses, and treatment may include dietary and lifestyle modifications, acupuncture, and the use of Chinese herbs.

Choosing the Right Therapy

An extensive patient history is taken, diagnostic techniques, physical examinations and lab work are all evaluated in order to determine the right course of treatment that will restore and maintain your state of health.


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asian medicine_2

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