Cough Syrup Recipe

Cough Syrup Recipe

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Here’s an all too familiar story: its my kids bedtime and he just started coughing and wiping his nose with his sleeve (thank you every kid he’s come in contact with).
It’s too late to go and get a cough syrup, so I hope he can make it through the night without waking everybody else up (oh, and I hope he’s okay!).

Then I start worrying about if he’s going to have to stay at home tomorrow – am I going to stay with him and cancel my patients for the next day? Or will my wife have to stay home? And when the morning comes I’m going to have to decide when I can go and buy cough syrup.  There’s always a lot of extra sugar in them, which also feeds the bugs that are causing the cough in the first place.
Ugh. What do I do?

Don’t worry about coughs anymore!

kranke familieMake this concoction in the evening and it will be ready in the morning (or the middle of the night if needed!).
Make this when the cold and flu season starts, or as soon as the first symptoms appear. If you use some other home remedies (wait for another email!) along with this syrup, you and your kid will be back at it in no time.


  • onion and/or garlic (kills bugs)
  • honey (soothes throat)
  • Mason jar, or other tallish container


  • Slice the onion/garlic and put in the jar, no more than halfway up
  • Pour honey over the onion/garlic until it’s covered
  • Put in the fridge overnight


  • Give a tsp of the liquid to your kid up to 6 times a day
  • Continue dosing while the cough lingers
  • Keep an eye on the mixture, you may have to make a new batch within a week


  • Local honey is WAY better – it improves allergies and has no added sugar
  • Try adding fresh/dried thyme or oregano to boost the bug-killing activity
  • Play with the ratio of onions/garlic to your kids taste
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