Naturopathic Medicine

Apple Picking

  • How you can benefit from local food

This past weekend, Courtney and I took the kids apple picking. It was a beautiful day, we’d just been to a new local “cidery” (great place, but that’s another story for another day), and thought lets go pick some local apples. At first we thought nothing of it, but while […]

Make your own kimchi

  • When good bugs meet good food

Fermented foods are becoming a hit again, and rightly so! They’re packed with beneficial bacteria that help with digestion, our immune system, allergies, and the list goes on! So how do you make your own? Easy! Just keep reading…   Ingredients (best if you can grow these yourself!): 1 head […]

Are you allergic to the foods you’re eating?

  • find out if the foods you're eating are causing more harm then good

We all know about the anaphylactic reactions that some people have to food, but were you aware that most people can have a different and less severe reaction? Although the symptoms are not life threatening, they can be extremely debilitating. Let’s compare the 2 types: Type 1 hypersensitivity reaction is […]

Psoriasis & Eczema: manifestations deeper than the skin

  • Fix the gut first

Contributed by Dr. Mary Peric ND. When working with individuals who suffer from chronic skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, rosacea to list a few, we must always look deeper than the skin! Just brushing the surface with topical treatments, does not address the interior imbalances manifesting themselves on the […]

Acne: it’s time you were done with it.

  • alternative solutions to keep it away

Most people nowadays have suffered through acne at one point in their lives, or still do.  It’s prevalence has seen a drastic increase over the last 50 years and it seems to be getting harder to treat, and the worst part about it isn’t the potential scarring, but the emotional […]

Creating Medicine: How to make remedies from the plants around us

  • create your own botanical remedies

There is a noticeable shift of people searching for health from more than just pharmaceuticals.  They’re looking for more natural treatments with less side effects and are constantly seeking answers from the experts (read: Google).  One of the oldest forms of medicine, botanical (or herbal) medicine, is the use of […]

Healthy Skin: it’s what’s inside that counts

  • fundamentals that will prime your skin and reflect your inner health.

Skin.  It’s the first thing we notice about someone next to their smile and their eyes.  It tells the world how healthy we are – do we have blemishes or poor colour? Or does our skin look radiant and full of life? In an effort to give the impression of healthy […]

How hydrotherapy can help just about anything

  • hydrotherapy can treat or cure just about any condition

Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic application of water to treat, or cure, disease.  We’re about 65% water, so it stands to reason that nourishing that part of us can heal a lot of our problems.  It’s successful use has been documented for 0ver 350 years by everyone from physicians to priests to […]

Infertility: take out the in and add what you’re missing

  • alternative treatments to support fertility

Infertility affects many families, both emotionally and financially.  Many families spend thousands of dollars on conventional clinics, but very few seek alternative treatments to support fertility.  Although treating each couple is individualized, there are many things that can, and should, be tried in conjunction with their treatment. Diet This is the […]