Gluten and Dairy Free Pancakes

  • The best gluten and dairy free pancakes

Breakfast is such an important meal in the day, and especially on cold weekend mornings it’s nice to have some comfort food that reminds us of being kids.  Being gluten and dairy free is now no longer an excuse for not delighting in this breakfast classic.  Here is the recipe […]

Healthy Protein Snacks

  • Healthy protein snacks to grab on the go

Preparing healthy meals is not much harder than preparing less healthy ones if you’re already spending time in the kitchen.  Snacks, however, can be much harder to manage as they’re usually reached for in haste.  Here are 2 snack recipes, lovingly provided by Dr. Nadine Jackson, that take a little […]

Infertility: take out the in and add what you’re missing

  • alternative treatments to support fertility

Infertility affects many families, both emotionally and financially.  Many families spend thousands of dollars on conventional clinics, but very few seek alternative treatments to support fertility.  Although treating each couple is individualized, there are many things that can, and should, be tried in conjunction with their treatment. Diet This is the […]

What is the Dirty Dozen?

  • fruits and vegetables_2

We’ve all heard of “organic” food right? But what does it mean? Essentially it’s an attempt by the government to regulate good food production, sustainability and the ethical treatment of livestock (read more here). Which Vegetables and Fruits Should You Eat Ideally, we would all eat organic all the time, […]