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No more sick days. No more waiting.

Natural solutions for all your health concerns.

You’re a good parent and you want the best for your family. You plan to eat well, to be active, and to make healthy choices, but you never seem to have enough time or energy to get it all done – and when a family member’s health is suffering, the plan gets thrown out the window.

As a dad with 3 young kids of my own, I know how difficult doing everything right can be. But it can be done, if your plan is right for you.

Whether you need medical care with natural treatments, or concise and personalized strategies to keep you and your family healthy, I’m here to help.

Finally get your health back on track.

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Why You Should See Dr. Tim

You can come to Dr. Tim with whatever health concerns you have. The 2 major differences you’ll see with his treatments and others are:

  1. You’re going to spend more time with him. This allows him to hear all of your symptoms, present and past, your family history and any other pertinent information. That way he can put the puzzle pieces together and find out what the root cause is and not only help alleviate current symptoms, but also strive to cure you at the deepest level.

  2. How he is going to treat you. Dr. Tim uses diet and lifestyle modifications, counseling, supplementation, botanical medicine, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and hydrotherapy. That way you can work together to cater a treatment plan that will work best for you.

After an initial 1-hour consultation, you’ll likely see each other a few times over the following few months to ensure your progression is going according to plan. Then when you’ve reached your short term goals, the visits will be spread out and you can come in as needed for check-ups.

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